Comicast Podcast

About: The Comicast Podcast is a podcast series that I produced with my English 2367.01: Life Writing and History in American Comics course. Each episode spotlights the archival research students conducted at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum for their final research projects. You can listen to some of my favorite episodes from our first season below, or you can visit the full Comicast archives by clicking here: Comicast Blog.

Episode #12: “Footballs, Pumpkins & Stuffed Tigers: What Children in Comics Have to Teach Us,” Anukriti Tayal

Episode #15: “The Race for Comic Book Diversity,” Trenton McGuire 

Episode #7: “The Dark Knight as Mirror,” Brendan McIntyre

Episode #2: “The ‘American’ Way,” Abigail Brannan