Student Comics

About: I try to find ways to get students drawing in my writing classes because creating visual texts can often help them articulate complex ideas or distill a complicated reading into is basic parts. Plus, it gives them a hands on understanding of comics, which are the central objects of study in my writing courses. Below are some examples of student made comics, sketch notes, and more! All works appear courtesy of my students.


Comics from “Defining Comics” Essay 

In addition to composing an alphabetic essay, my students also composed a one page comic demonstrating an innovation with one of the basic elements of comics (gutters, panels, word balloons, etc.).


Comic by Ern Chi Khoo, English 2367.01: Life Writing in Comics (Spring 2018)

kocabtom_43703_7198729_my comic 1

Comic by Tom Kocab, English 2367.01: Life Writing in Comics (Spring 2018). This comic utilizes gutters to narrate the main character’s inner monologue as he completes a shift in a hospital.


Comic by Erin Lewis, English 2367.01: Life Writing in Comics (Spring 2018)


Comic by Yaroslav Postnav, English 2367.01: Spring 2018


Sketch Notes for “The Doctor Versus the Dagger: Comics Reading and Cultural Memory” by Christopher Pizzino 

Working with Pizzino’s essay, my students composed one page of sketch notes meant to represent Pizzino’s argument.

Sketchnotes Pizzino

Sketchnotes Pizzino2

Sketchnotes Pizzino3

Sketchnotes Pizzino4

Sketchnotes Pizzino5

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